Dear Prospective Applicant,

Welcome to Integrity Pharmacy. We are pleased that you have an interest in our company. All prospective employees are required to complete a pharmacy job application. Applications are kept on “active” file for 12-months. We look forward to getting acquainted with you. Please review the following carefully:

  1. You will be required to disclose any criminal history in your past including: conviction(s) of, or plead guilty to, any crime for any reason. Certain offenses may prohibit employment with our company. We will conduct a thorough criminal background check.
  2. There are specific functions and requirements of the job; including physical capability inherent in care-giving positions (see job description).
  3. A workers’ compensation records search and medical review will be conducted.
  4. We may conduct drug screenings. If you are using illegal drugs of any sort we are unable to hire you.
  5. We are unable to hire anyone who has been placed on the Missouri Employee Disqualification List (EDL), Kansas Adult Abuse Registry or Kansas Child Abuse Registry.
  6. A minimum of two satisfactory reference checks will be required for employment.
  7. Any job offer is conditional upon satisfactory reference and background checks and completion of a medical review.

(Note: If any of the above issues create a problem for you, please feel free to excuse yourself from this application process now, otherwise, please agree below.)

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