Medication Home Delivery, Pre-Packaged Medication, Medication Safety, and more.

Organized, Pre-Packaged Medication

Medication Made Easy. Integrity Pharmacy provides a 30 day’s supply of medications in presorted packages, clearly marked with the date and time to be taken. Our CAREpack™ packaging improves medication accuracy, reduces ER visits due to medication-related errors, as well as increasing overall quality of life. CAREpack™ is cost-efficient and provides peace of mind for families and patients alike. CAREpack’s™ presorted packages allow medication to be easily taken at home, when on vacation, respite care or gone for an extended period of time. CAREpack™ is available for all ages and is a safe and time-saving way to administer medications. Our pharmacy manages your medications for you. We will call you each month to verify any changes you may have in your prescriptions, then we will call your Doctor to request refills when needed.

Medication Home Delivery

Having trouble getting to the pharmacy? Integrity Pharmacy will deliver each month to our patients. We deliver your CAREpack™ medication box along with any additional medications such as PRN items that may not go into the CAREpack™. This may include creams, eye drops, inhalers, injectables and insulin supplies.

Medication Safety

Integrity Pharmacy provides an easier and safer way of managing medications. Your medications will be packaged in our CAREpack™ medication box and delivered to you each month along with other necessary medications. The CAREpack™ box contains medication packets that will have the name of the medication along with the date and time of day for you to take your medication. Our clinical Pharmacists combined with cutting-edge technology promote accuracy and compliance, while reducing errors and improving quality of care.

Additional Services

Our services, including packaging, nurse access and home delivery, are provided at no additional cost to you. You are responsible for prescription co-payments and any over the counter medications not covered by your insurance. Integrity Pharmacy works with all insurance plans. More benefits than competing retail and mail order pharmacies. Our Team of Professionals also offer additional ancillary services including but not limited to: Assisting with review of Medicare D and Senior Rx plans; referral process with client advocate to meet Medicaid eligibility needs and nurse / aide needs as well as assistance with Medicaid transportation, food pantries and the Division of Aging just to name a few.