Integrity Pharmacy LLC began practicing Pharmacy in 2008. They identified a niche to serve senior citizens prescriptions with a custom in-home management system. The next phase of growth for the spun-off pharmacy is following another hunch by executives: a sub-niche for seniors in extended care facilities and then began servicing patients in their homes and residences as well. Today, Integrity Pharmacy services the State of Missouri with their Home Care Pharmacy Model. Patients receive individualized packets – usually 30 days at a time – with each day’s medication inside. If there is a change in a medication, Integrity changes on a dime with updated medication packets or vials if necessary.

The first goal was to allow patients to manage their medications better so they could stay in their homes as long as possible. The No. 1 reason why patients will leave their home and either are put into a hospital or into a facility is medication management. They can’t manage their meds. So we developed a system that helps patients to stay on track.

Technology plays a crucial role in the process at Integrity Pharmacy. The company has developed its own software and invested in multiple robotic packaging machines – called PacMeds, developed by McKesson Corp. – The PacMed robots produce strings of daily medication packages. Each packet is then checked and verified by a checking robot as well as a licensed pharmacist to ensure safety and accuracy before medications are delivered to our patients.