When it comes to quality healthcare, nothing will ever replace the caring doctors, nurses and pharmacists who go the extra mile to provide an accurate diagnosis, the correct treatment and a helpful dose of empathy for patients and caregivers.

But 21st century technology is also playing an increasingly vital role in delivering medical care with the old fashioned quality and compassion we all expect and deserve.

One article notes the growing use of robotic technologies in many different areas of medicine over the past year:

#1: Telepresence

#2: Surgical assistants

#3: Rehabilitation

#4: Medical transportation

#5: Sanitation and disinfection

#6: Prescription systems

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who take prescription medications, the use of robotics in prescription technology is good news.

Cutting-edge providers like Integrity Pharmacy have incorporated modern robotics into comprehensive medication management tools. This prescription technology, along with one-to-one care from registered nurses and pharmacists, ensures that each patient receives the correct medications along with clear, accurate information about when and how to take their medications.

Robotic Pharmacy Technology Improves Care

Mounting evidence suggests that technology improves the speed and accuracy of processing medications. Patients benefit from a lower risk of medication errors and from receiving their medications in a more timely fashion.

  • A 2014 study published in Innovations in Pharmacy compared a digital drug dispensing system (DDS) with manual processing of medications by pharmacy staff. While manual processing yielded an average of 2.73 errors per month, the DDS yielded zero errors. In addition, the digital system filled more prescriptions per month than staff members filling orders by hand.
  • A few years ago, the UC San Francisco Medical Center invested in a robotic system for filling prescriptions. And what were the results? The robotic system achieved an error rate close to zero, compared with the human error rate of 2.8%.

The Role of Prescription Technology at Integrity Pharmacy

Integrity Pharmacy has discovered that technology also benefits patients who receive their medications via home delivery as part of a comprehensive medication management program.

Following a monthly home visit by a registered nurse, the patient’s new CAREpack® is prepared based upon a thorough review of prescriptions for that month.

  • Medications are packaged according to the date and time prescribed by the patient’s doctor.
  • Each individual packet is scanned by highly accurate robotic pharmacy technology. This ensures that each packet contains the correct medications, at the correct dosage, and with accurate instructions for taking them.
  • Following a scan by robotic technology, Integrity’s clinical pharmacist completes a final review of the patient’s medications before home delivery.

In addition to greater accuracy, the monthly CAREpack® also makes it easier for the patient to comply with the treatment regimen prescribed by his or her doctor.

Do you need help finding medication management tools?

Contact Integrity Pharmacy with any questions or concerns you have. We’ll provide helpful information about how our medication management service, supported by advanced technology, helps to ensure the safety and quality of your care.

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