• State of the Art Packaging

    Highest Level of Technology Available

    Our medication management process features the highest level of technology available. Each packet is scanned with our robotic technology to ensure accuracy for each packet. Our Clinical Pharmacists place a final check on each order.

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  • Customized CAREpack Box

    Your Medications are Reviewed

    Our clinical staff will review all of your medications prescribed by all of your physicians. This review process helps to make certain all medications are compatible with one another and to ensure all medications are being taken at the accurate dose.

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  • The Perfect Daily Dose

    Our Team Prepares Your CAREpack

    Our team of Pharmacists prepares your CAREpack each month, which consolidates your medications based on the day and time you are expected to take each medication as they have been prescribed by your Doctors. Each packet is clearly labeled.

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Welcome to Integrity Pharmacy

Integrity Pharmacy is a comprehensive medication management company designed for patients with multiple disease states who are taking multiple medications. Our pharmacy solution provides an in-home nurse assessment from one of our registered nurses; medication reconciliation services; monthly refill management; customized adherence packaging (CAREpack) and at-home prescription drus delivery. Our pharmacy delivery services provide the following benefits to our patients and families:

  • Peace of mind for families and their loved ones
  • Ensures the right medication at the right time each day
  • Reduces ER visits, hospitalizations and clinic visits
  • Improves quality of life
  • Cost efficient
  • Is available for all ages and is a safe and time-saving method to administer medications

Our appointment based model of patient care service is designed to improve our patient’s adherence to medications and to significantly reduce medication errors from occurring. Each patient enrolled with Integrity Pharmacy has a designated appointment day where our pharmacy staff calls each patient each month, in advance of receiving their medications, to identify any changes to the medications and confirm that each prescription should be refilled. The call is necessary to help improve the patient’s medication adherence and to manage potential issues before the patient’s medications are delivered to their home.

What Our Customers Say

Carol C…

“I am blessed to have a nurse who comes to my home to go over all of my medicines with me and call my doctor for refills and then bring me my medications each month-Integrity Pharmacy has taken all the work out of my medication issues.”

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