If you take more than one prescription medication, you may be used to making multiple trips to your local retail pharmacy each month.

Once you come home, there’s the task of organizing your medications, remembering to take them at the right time, and keeping up with special instructions, such as whether to take your medication with or without food. This is why many patients, families, and caregivers are turning to Integrity Pharmacy’s comprehensive medication management services, which include home delivery of your medications, saving you the hassle of frequent visits to the drug store.

Would a medicine delivery service benefit you? If so, how would it work?

Medicine Delivery May Help with Medication Adherence

The more prescriptions you have, the more complicated it can get to adhere to the treatment regimen ordered by your doctor.

Could something like medicine delivery simplify things? Could delivery make it easier to stick with the refilling of your medications?

Several studies have investigated this question over the past few years.

  • A 2011 study by Kaiser Permanente, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, looked at patients taking a particular cholesterol medication. The researchers found that those using home delivery achieved better control of their cholesterol than individuals who purchased their medication at a local retail pharmacy.
  • A 2010 study of almost 14,000 individuals with diabetes, published in the American Journal of Managed Care, found that patients whose prescriptions were delivered had statistically higher treatment adherence than patients who used a retail pharmacy.

Based on these and other studies, a growing body of evidence suggests that medicine delivery lowers costs and increases medication adherence for patients with chronic conditions.

How Medicine Delivery Service Works

At Integrity Pharmacy, medicine delivery is part of your comprehensive Medication Management Services, which includes the following steps:

  • Home visit by your Integrity Pharmacy Nurse
  • Complete review of your medications
  • Management of your prescriptions
  • Preparation of your customized CAREpack by our Registered Pharmacists
  • Safety and quality assurance each and every time
  • Management of monthly refills
  • Prescription home delivery

Your CAREpack includes all of your medications, packaged according to the time of day your doctor has instructed you to take them. Each individual packet clearly tells you the date and time to take your medications and lists all medications included in the packet.

When you receive your CAREpack, it may also include other items you may need besides your prescriptions, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Over-the-counter items
  • PRN medications
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Eye drops
  • Inhalers
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Other items as needed

Do you have questions about Integrity’s medication management or medicine delivery service?

Please contact us at any time. We are happy to provide the information you need to successfully adhere to your medication regimen so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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