One of the biggest challenges of maintaining good health is that your condition may change over time.

When it comes to managing medication, treatments that worked in the past may not be what you should be taking now, or there may be new medications that would help you.

That’s where a monthly comprehensive medication review by your pharmacist can help you stay on track.

So, what exactly is a comprehensive medication review? Put simply, it is a critical examination of all of the medications you are taking — including prescriptions, over-the-counter, dietary supplements, and so on. It occurs on a regular basis, such as monthly or annually, and may be included as part of a comprehensive medication management program.

The goal of a comprehensive medication review is to optimize your treatment regimen to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risk of medication-related problems such as medical errors, adverse side effects, interactions, or nonadherence. It may also help to control costs and reduce medical waste by making sure you only take the medications you need while eliminating the ones you don’t.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Comprehensive Medication Review?

Anyone taking multiple prescription medications should consider having a monthly medication review as part of their overall healthcare strategy.

Other individuals who are likely to benefit include:

  • Elderly patients
  • Frail patients
  • Patients taking high-risk medications
  • Patients recently discharged from the hospital

Why Is Medication Review Necessary?

There are many reasons for including a regular medication review in your overall care plan for medication management:

  • Your condition may have changed since the initial decision to prescribe certain medications.
  • If your condition improves, you may be able to discontinue some medications or reduce your dosage.
  • If you’ve developed new health issues or an existing condition has worsened, new medications may need to be added to your treatment plan.
  • If you’ve had a negative experience using one or more medications, a review can help to pinpoint the reasons for the problem and possibly make adjustments.

What Are the Benefits of Medication Review?

Your pharmacist is well-positioned to help you stay on track with your treatment plan. A monthly medication regimen review offers many possible benefits that help to maximize the effectiveness of treatment while minimizing adverse events (Manitoba, 2014):

  • Helps you understand how to take medications safely and appropriately
  • Helps prevent adverse problems with your medications
  • Improves medication adherence
  • Identifies new health issues that may need further attention
  • Addresses any concerns or questions you have about any of your medications
  • Encourages you to share a complete list of all medications with your doctors

How Does Comprehensive Medication Review Work?

A monthly comprehensive medication review is included as part of your overall medication management program at Integrity Pharmacy.

  • Each month, Integrity’s clinical pharmacists review all of your medications.
  • All medications prescribed by all of your doctors are assessed.
  • The review helps to identify interactions between different drugs and other adverse events.
  • The review ensures that all medications are filled at an accurate dose.
  • A monthly review makes it easier to adhere to your medication regimen

Do you want to be sure you’re taking the right medications and that you’re taking them correctly?


Get in touch with us at Integrity Pharmacy to learn how a complete medication management system, including monthly comprehensive medication review, could help you stick with your treatment regimen and enjoy a healthier quality of life.

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